Tuesday, July 12, 2011

love as i see it

When most of us are almost always hurrying, scurrying, running and worrying, this couple finds a moment of sweetness, oblivious of what’s happening around them in harbor square along manila bay, one early afternoon. When we rub elbows, they rub hearts. When we rush in a rat race, they rest in each other’s arms. When we are lost in the complex web of life, they find grace in the complex web of love. What is love if not this love as I see it?

This is my entry to “Love As I See It”. A project of www.islandrose.net flowers Philippines.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

kalanggaman island: my turn

okay, so after all the pictures seen from others, now my turn...

if you are ready to live without fresh water, without brushing your teeth, without bed, without electricity, without fon signal - simple life, as they say - then you are ready to go to kalanggaman island. i lived, albeit only overnight, just like that. and for a night, i never looked for any amenities nor remembered what day that was.

this is life in kalanggaman island, palompon, leyte.

Friday, May 06, 2011

2 celebrations

it was her graduation, then her birthday. that count to 2 celebrations.

gemma has been a family. the daughter of our eldest bro, nanay took her home from angeles, pampanga when she was 2 months old. that made me an instant brother, tito, guardian and at times father rolled into one.

her high school brought her with me, and college, and i wish for many more years. younger days were spent with our parents.

then one day, a graduation. i must be prouder, and more thankful to God for sufficiency of grace all through out. the celebration was more of a thanksgiving for the grace received.

then the next, birthday. i must be happy for another year added to her life and i wish for more life to be added to her years. the celebration was more of a thanksgiving for the grace abounding.

despite the loss of a father who wished more than i did the best education for gemma, and despite nanay not being able to march her down the red aisle but still wished for best life for gemma, we did have 2 celebrations. all because of God's grace.

(graduation: march 30, 2011; birthday: april 11)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

off to kan-irag

kan-irag is the name of nature park somewhere in ayala heights , somewhere in cebu mountains, there, there, lampas sa cebu tops. you get to pass up, pass down, turn left, turn right, up again, then up, then down then right up the highways of cebu mountains. how kan-irag got its name? i am not saying.

a former student of mine, future atty raz, was my company for the day. since he is cebu-based, he got the call of where to go. so kan-irag that was.

from JY square, lahug, kontratahin ang motor. dapat roundtrip na kung ayaw mo magzip line pauwi (proposal ko ito hanggang JY). mga 250 pesos to kan irag and back. ilang liko, ilang akyat baba ng motor, narating namin ang kan-irag. madami sana dapat ikwento sa lakad na yon, kaso close na ang kan-irag since june 10, 2010 pa for maintenance. kaya hanggang dito nalang muna. di na kasi kami pinapasok ng forest guards.

april 17, 2011. halos isang taon din na, ano...? pero dahil masaya ang samahan, madami pa rin sights na pwedeng maenjoy. nasa iyo yan lang kung half empty o half full ang baso ng tubig.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

biliran waters

time comes when a drop of water will be more expensive than diamonds...while this one abounds in my place, i frolic but with notes to all to take care of this God-given resource. i am just privileged. and i thank God for it. (april 2011, biliran province)

bool cave

it took me more years before really finding treasures in my yard, or more appropriately, before realizing that treasures are just in the backyard. just like this one.

bool cave is just about 6 kms from our house. coming over is worth it. rain or shine, steep grid or slippery when wet, the wonders never cease.

may more people realize that wonders are just around the corner and that treasures are sometimes just in the backyard.

april 24, 2011